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Advanced Data Analytics for Proliferation Detection

Contact: Phillip Bingham
Email: binghampr@ornl.gov
Phone: 865-865-574-5680

Today, many nations are motivated to develop nuclear arsenals. At the same time, nuclear science and technology are more pervasive, making it easier for a nation to explore nuclear weapons development and harder to detect proliferation activity amid the clutter of signals. Our challenge is to detect, locate and monitor indicators of low-profile nuclear weapons development activity that may be small, inaccessible, or buried in backgrounds of other activities. Rapid progress in data science is opening new paths to improved predictive modeling and detection of complex low-profile proliferation processes. The Advanced Data Analytics for Proliferation Detection (ADAPD) venture uniquely combines DOE testbeds, experimental capabilities, and nuclear weapons-development expertise with emerging data- science and predictive-modeling advances to establish new analytic capabilities for proliferation detection.